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Meet Your Quilter: Debb Dallas

My name is Debb Dallas and I'm the owner designer of Dallas House Quilts. Many people believe my shop name is based on location in the Dallas, Texas area. They would be correct regarding Texas but my last name is actually Dallas. I live in Ballinger, Texas.

I began creating t-shirt quilts years ago when my children were in high school. Several years ago, I decided to open a shop on Etsy to sell my designs. After two years, I made the decision to work full-time making quilts.

I make several hundred quilts each year. Each quilt is designed with excellent craftsmanship, using quality products and unique designs. I don't create inexpensive t-shirt quilts, I create high quality works of art at the most reasonable price I can deliver.

The materials I use are first quality products. Each quilt takes between 8-30 hours, depending on the size of your quilt.

I deconstruct your t-shirts and organize them by color. Your quilt is designed around your shirt selection, not a prescribed pattern. I iron interfacing onto the back of all of your garments. I do precision cutting, taking care to center the t-shirt designs. I often make extra cuts and piece together to center the smaller pocket logos at no additional charge.

After cutting, I complete the pinning and sewing of the quilt top. Sandwiching the quilt top and bottom are the next step. This involves making a sandwich of the cotton backing, batting and the quilt top. The next step is quilting and binding. I do a meandering stitch across the quilt. This helps to hold the layers together and will help the blanket to last a long time. I then stitch binding around your blanket. At that point your quilt is complete and packaged for shipping.

I put 100% of myself into each and every t-shirt quilt I create. I love what I do. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at